Photographer Favorites

Colleen Anne Lennehan

No. 3 | Salt | Honey

For years I have captured moments of love, genuine beauty, and bliss, whether it's the first kiss as husband and wife, or a seaside portrait for a high school senior. By relying on natural light for all of my photos it keeps them bright, airy, and organic: the perfect trio.


The natural beauty of the New England states makes my job pretty easy, there's always a sandy shoreline, wild rose garden, or lush forest to lend a hand as a backdrop for a shoot. Mixing mother natures' effortless charm with my client's candid emotions makes what I do everyday a true dream.



Colleen's Tips

1. Wear what makes you feel beautiful! Splurge a little, buy a new dress or get your make-up done! For ideas and more styling tips check out the Style Guide.


2. Make it a day! Treat yourself and make the shoot a day to remember. Get your hair done, treat the family to ice cream after, toast to your love over cocktails at a nearby restaurant. The more excited you, your family, and/or fiancΓ© are for the day. the less it will feel like a chore!


3. Don't stress! All you need to do is show up, don't worry about posing yourself or where to put your hands. That's my job. You can rely on me to make you feel comfortable while directing you when needed. 


Where to Next?

Covid really halted 2020 travel, here's hoping that 2021 will bring out the passports, overnight bags, and destination weddings we all dream about!

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