No. 3 | Salt | Honey

Colleen Anne Lennehan

No. 3 | As the third child of nine, I was raised in chaos. In a beautifully wonderful way, but chaos nonetheless. I love finding calmness in uncertainty. A large wedding party, maneuvering crowds at a beautiful beach location, and last minute changes. Not much rattles me, and my favorite number stems from being 3/9!

Salt | Not only is salt my food addiction, but I find it feeds and calms the soul. A beach walk, a night swim, a sea breeze sunset. The shoreline is my favorite location to shoot at. The churning ocean just steps away from the calmness of a beachgoer lounging in the sun. Sandy feet, and arms, and legs, and hair. What's your "salt of the earth"?

Honey | Oh honey! I hate the taste, love the bees! Nature, especially gardens and flowers takes a huge part of my attention. I love the entire process, from planting, to watching your blooms actually pop open, snipping a few for a wild bouquet, letting the bees take a snack. I try to live by "everyone blooms at their own pace". The hyacinth pop before the lilac, but both are so abundant in scent.

For years I have captured moments of love, genuine beauty, and bliss, whether it's the first kiss as husband and wife, or a seaside portrait for a high school senior. By relying on natural light for all of my photos it keeps them bright, airy, and organic: the perfect trio.

The natural beauty of the New England states makes my job pretty easy, there's always a sandy shoreline, wild rose garden, or lush forest to lend a hand as a backdrop for a shoot. Mixing mother natures' effortless charm with my client's candid emotions makes what I do everyday a true dream.

The words I put into each piece of work are: intentional, ethereal, and timeless. I hope you see and feel that when viewing my photographs.


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Colleen's Tips

1. Wear what makes you feel beautiful! Splurge a little, buy a new dress or get your make-up done! For ideas and more styling tips check out the Style Guide.

2. Make it a day! Treat yourself and make the shoot a day to remember. Get your hair done, treat the family to ice cream after, toast to your love over cocktails at a nearby restaurant. The more excited you, your family, and/or fiancé are for the day. the less it will feel like a chore!

3. Don't stress! All you need to do is show up, don't worry about posing yourself or where to put your hands. That's my job. You can rely on me to make you feel comfortable while directing you when needed. 

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