Meet Lisa Ann!


Inspired by my mothers love for font and vintage beauty.



-Velvet Ring Box-Honeycomb

-Acrlyic Styling Blocks x2

-Ceramic Ring Dish (Handmade from Katherine Harrison)

-Antique Bronze Dish

-2 Vintage Cigarette Silks

-3 Antique Metal Keys

-Velvet Ribbon-Muddy Green

-Chiffon Ribbon-Cream

-Wooden Spool

-Vintage Scissors 

Lisa Ann

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  • Lisa Ann is a custom styling kit, many pieces are sourced through antiquing. Stamps may curl which is normal, feel free to keep them pressed between a book if necessary. The ring dish is handmade from Kat Harrison, an artist in Philadelphia, light imperfections are to be expected.


    **Florals, Invitations, and rings are not included, they are just props!