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Custom Styling Kits and Essentials for every Wedding Photographer

Each styling kit is a unique curation. No two will ever be sold since so many pieces are antiques. If you see a kit that is sold and want something similar, shoot me an email with the kit name and I can create something just as beautiful!

These kits are also a beautiful gift for a loved one getting married, please email me with a "look", colors, and any other information for a curated kit!


Meet The Inspiration


Lisa Ann

My beautiful and talented mother, Lisa Ann. She raised nine kids, taught me to see beauty in the old and take natural elements and display them in an artful way. She has a love for antiques and vintage fonts. We dig, search, and unearth treasures while antiquing, and I can thank her for my love of the hunt! Monger's Market in CT and Brimfield in MA are two of the best spots to find some gems.

Anna Rose

My great-great grandmother Anna Rose came to America from Austria in the early 1900's. She journeyed all this way by herself.  The Anna Rose showcases little pieces of travel, whether we do it for a brighter future, to gain some perspective, or just to see something mother natured created, we all love a little travel.

Frieda Ann

My lovely auntie Frieda. She was also a collector, traveler, and lovable family member, but my biggest memory of her is visiting her house, walking out back and entering a world of life. Ferns hung from the house, vines clung to trellises, flowers erupted in pots. She created a true oasis, and taught me a lot about beauty and love through her gardening. The Frieda Ann has little pops of floral elements, ever present in her world.