The Ultimate Engagement Session Style Guide

First things first, spoil yourself!

If you've been eyeing a new dress or pair of shoes, your engagement photos are the perfect excuse to splurge! You'll cherish these photos forever, and you'll always be happy with them if you loved how you looked and felt during the session.

My top three tips for couples are:

  1. Coordinate, but don't match.

  2. Stick to neutrals with a pop of color or pattern.

  3. Pull from your location and season.

I'll explore these a bit as we go, feel free to scroll down to whichever interests you most!

No. 1

-Coordinate, but don't match!

What I mean by this is, play off of each other tones and pieces of clothing, but don't show up in jeans and white tops. Melissa and Matt did an awesome job of following all three of my tips! Their shoreline shoot lends itself to blues and creams, keeping Matt in solids let Melissa's dainty floral dress pop without being distracting, and they coordinated without being too similar. Truly a perfect example, so effortless looking too!

Great ways to coordinate:

  1. If you're going fancy, be sure to both elevate your looks! A formal dress doesn't look as classy when paired with your fiancé in sneakers.

  2. Pick one "favorite" item and base the rest of the "look" off of that! If you just picked out a new dress, use that as your starting point when it comes to coordinating colors.

  3. When possible, bring three outfits. I always suggest a formal (classier dress, dress pants and button down), a dress-down formal (pretty blowy skirt, darker jeans and button down), and a casual (both can be in jeans [high-waisted are a fav of mine] with a simple top or sweater).

No. 2

-Stick to neutrals, with a pop of color.

Neutrals stand the test of time, and that's what I try to capture in all of my photos. Shannon and Joe nailed the neutral look with a pop of glitz. They blend into the scene while standing out!

Neutrals to Consider:

  • Sand

  • Blush

  • Cream

  • Navy

  • Black

  • White

  • Grey

  • Earthy Green

Yellow is a great color to choose for those dying for a bright POP! Stay away from wild patterns, they become distracting from the moment, and neon colors!

No. 3

-Pull from your location and season.

Like I've said, stick to neutrals and you can't mess up, take it from Alex and Amanda. Their engagement shoot was scheduled for the end of the summer, still golden enough for dresses and shorts, but they made sure to match their surroundings. They coordinated their outfits to a coastal vibe, eyelet lace and linen button downs.

For an extensive list of seasonal pieces, check out my style guide which is updated twice a year for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter!

Some seasonal ideas for the beach are:

  • Sun dresses and bouquets of flowers

  • Barefoot and high-waisted jeans

  • Flowy skirts and tank tops

Some seasonal ideas for a woodsy setting are:

  • Velvet dress and booties

  • Cream colored sweaters and jeans

  • Midi skirt and tights, with a cropped sweater tucked in

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